Hi, i'm having a moral conflict here, tho…

Hi, i'm having a moral conflict here, thought you could help, about pewds making that video about logan Paul being a piece of shit. Idk, i find very hypocritical I remember when the whole wsj thing happened, and everyone had pewdiepie on their thumbnail and title, and pewds didn't like it lol cause he thought people were taking advantage of the situation just to gain views at the expense of his mistake BUT NOW HE DOES THE SAME THING

him not liking it does not mean he didn’t accept it for what it was, he’s been on youtube for a long time and he (and every other big creator) knows that when they fuck up, people are gonna make videos about it, that’s what youtube is about….about people watching your shit… also I’d like to point out that, yes, pewds did indeed exploit the situation, but he also tried to spread actual awareness and added links to sites that can help people with depression, so I really don’t see the problem here

long story short; if you don’t want people to talk about the shit you’ve done…..don’t do dumb shit. simple