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I didn’t even know Runaways #6 was out this week but damn, I really needed it after the utterly shit day I had.

And it’s pretty sweet – the banter between the team, once they finally are together is really lively and feels natural, everyone’s voices sound right whenever they’re talking about taking down a villain or talking about a cat…oh, right, this happened, they now have a cat. And I like the small but visible hints of future plots, like when Nico gets visibly jealous over Karolina’s girlfriend.

Molly’s grandma turned out to be an interesting villain who is just the right kind of creepy while still retaining sympathetic qualities to the point she can do a fucked up thing and you still feel pity for her. And damn, she did one hell of a fucked up thing.

I felt Rainbow Rowell isn’t very comfortable with superhero action scenes, but she is clever enough to know it so the fight with grandma and her cats become more of a problem, a puzzle, to solve – how do you 

Overall, the first story was strong and opened a new path for Runaways. We will see if the creative team has an equally strong follow-up.

And for those still mad about lack of certain members of the team, I skimmed only through letter page and  Rainbow Rowell said she’ll “put on a good word for Xavin”, presumably to the editorial. So who knows, maybe there is a chance for Klara or Alex too?

Assuming it will live long enough and Marvel won’t get trigger happy with cancellations again. Buy the trade or something.

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Xavin and Nico vs Julie for Karolina’s affections