God, I get pissed when my Hello Fresh box is late, can y’all quit being lazy and get perishable items to me thanks

or maybe you can get off your lazy ass and go this thing called a grocery store

do you understand that you’re not the only delivery that they have to make? Do you realize you are on a long list of other people waiting for the same thing you are?

the world does not revolve around you

These guys are working there asses off to deliver you shit that you could’ve easily went to the store and got yourself so either be patient and wait or shut the fuck up


God, you take the bait so easily

Someone has clearly never met the people who work in delivery and who totally don’t dawdle and procrastinate the fuck out of their jobs. Nope. Them hardworking types never do anything that isn’t hardworking.


And I’m in Mississippi. I can confirm that people around here are generally lazy.

Guys, it’s a fresh food delivery op already PAID for. It’s not wrong to expect PERISHABLES to get to you fast when you pay for that service.

I s2g these people are willing to jump and criticize on anyone for anything these days.

Thank you much.

And yeah. I don’t pay $90 a week for lazy service. Luckily it’s only been late a handful of times, but I just don’t think it’s so wrong to expect people to do their best at their job. That’s all.

then like I said

maybe get off your ass and go to a grocery store and buy it yourself if its that important

 you can’t expect these people to perform miracles. They get stuck in traffic, they have other orders to do. Shit happens that delays the order. That’s life

you’re not the only person who orders from that service so like I said be patient or shut up about it. 

and honestly do you really think the delivery people give a shit that you got your stuff late? They just wanna get the day over with and go home 

my god you people need to give your heads a shake . like I said the world doesn’t revolve around you so don’t get so uppity when you don’t get your lettuce on time you stuck up twat

Never said the world revolved around me, friend. You do crack me up, though.

you’re complaining about stuff being delivered late when you could’ve just went out and bought it yourself

who does that? 

a douchebag, that’s who

I subscribe to a service for a reason. Also, it was a sentence long post on my personal blog

Who gets this bent out of shape over someone else’s dinner related business?

A douchebag, that’s who

you’re complaining about getting vegetables delivered late meanwhile you could’ve just went to the grocery store and bought them yourself

that’s what I do not understand

you can’t expect people to deliver you everything you want when you want it when you can’t even get off up your lazy ass and do it yourself

these people are doing you the favour. remember that

I mean is it a favor if you pay for it tho

ofcourse it is.

what do you think those hookers in vegas are doing for all those old horny men?

they’re doing them a favour

They are doing it for the money, not for free. Lol. A favor implies that you’re doing something for nothing.