Birds of prey

So Margot said she wants this movie to be diverse and full of amazing women. So far she has said a few characters to be in the movie and said that for the villains one would be someone who hasn’t been seen on tv yet. So I have no clue who that is but I do know birds of prey has to have Ivy right lol. She has an amazing Asian director and casting is barley being looked into. How cool would it be if Rihanna played poison Ivy? We know she looks good with red hair. We know she can act. And she has that vibe of badass independent chick. Just saying it would be amazing. What are you guys thoughts on all of this? Any guesses on who is going to be in it? I honestly can’t think of the hero’s yet. Which btw is to be black canary, huntress, Cassandra Cain, and Renee Montoya.

Bruh noooo stop why can’t tumblr just let Poison Ivy stay white 😂 IT WOULDNT MAKE SENSE IF SHE WAS PLAYED BY RIHANNA they might as well change her name and shit cuz Rihanna has an accent the characters name doesn’t suit her they might as well give her an entirely new character to play

Iris west is white in the comics but black in the show. I don’t see what’s wrong with Ivy being black. I mainly like Rihanna because of an edit I saw a while back with Rihanna and Margot and I loved it so much that I just can’t picture anything else. I also think Rosario Dawson would be a cool Renee Montoya. But either way I’m sure it’ll be good no matter who plays who. I won’t boycott cause they picked someone else. I’m just excited it is happening.

as a die hard poison ivy fan I’d rather her stay the way she she is like she has been for so long what’s the point of changing her 🤔 and There is more than one Iris west btw they are using the black version of Iris like there is a black Wally west