Ok so I haven’t ranted about su for a while and I am here to preach today so prepare yourselves

Ok so has anyone else talked about the blatant fatphobia in Steven universe??Like in the first season Steven was a beautiful fat boy who wasn’t shamed or ridiculed for it and openly enjoyed food.

Now what do we have???A funko pop??A chibi???The fuck is this

So y’all gone tell me they couldn’t have drawn him fat?Yall really gone fix y’all fingers to tell me that they couldn’t put a little bit more extra time into drawing him fat??Do y’all really believe that?

Compare that shit to season one

Like????Yall I can’t!

And are we not gonna talk about rose quarts/pink diamond???

Like Rose was a “morally gray” plus sized character who we’re then told is all a lie and she’s now a skinner character.Like????Im???So fucking???Tired…I’m tired of the bullshit crewniverse.Yall laziness is fucking pissing me off and I just can’t do it anymore.I,and many other fat kids were looking forward to having a fat protagonist to watch and look forward to,but nooooo.Yall had to fucking change it.Yall just couldn’t stick to your promise of “diversity”.

Fuck this backwards ass idea of diversity.If you fail to show your diverse character as part of the group you are marketing them towards,then they are anything but diverse.

I’m tired of this shit.I truly am.

And I dare you stans to come into my comments talking shit.I fucking dare you.Because as a fat person im pissed.Im pissed off that a show that’s marketed towards me and kids like me fail to bring what they promised to the table.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

@fortunatelycooltrash replied to your post:

“Ok, im all for pro fat characters, but steven is still heavy set just because he’s not fucking circular doesnt mean that he isnt heavy its just more evenly distributed now. Rose, just because she was PD, doesnt mean she doesnt exist. That is who PD became so shes just as valid as she was in season one”

Steven is drawn as much skinny than before.Even if he is more “evenly distributed” or whatever,why the fuck does he have to be??Wht couldn’t he just stay the way he was??It made no sense for his weight to change.

Rose could’ve literally stayed a fat character.Just to say “she was skinny all along”,and that she’s s completely new character now is disrespectful as fuck and I don’t like it.

They’re drawings for kids

Yeah,and I’m a kid,calling out the fatphobia.

Try again though

Yeah, that’s not a thing. Also, my point is, it’s not that deep. It’s a cartoon. When little kids watch it, they aren’t thinking about all of this. They are just enjoying the show. I just want anyone who reads this deep into cartoons to harness their wasted brainpower in a different way. Think of how much you could accomplish!

Honey I ain’t thinking that hard to notice this,because it’s pretty obvious.

Oh,and is a thing.Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.Oh and trust me,kids aren’t that dumb.They notice things just like ever one else does,which is why I pointed it out.And why are you a 28 year old, sitting here arguing with a kid over a show.You should harness your wasted brainpower in a different way.Think of how much you could accomplish by doing that.

Please get the fuck off my blog if you have nothing to contribute to this conversation.

‘Arguing with a kid over a show.’ ‘You’re 28.’ Man, it’s like Tumblr bingo!

Friend, you made the post. On a public site. Anyone can respond and take issue with it, it’s not that hard. 

I wish you well, and I hope that your whole life isn’t committed to looking for issue with every tiny thing. It sounds exhausting.

Ok but learn to mind your damn business.You came to my post and decided to comment,if you didn’t like it you could’ve moved on .It you’re willing to look over problems with something so quickly than that’s on you.Go pay your damn bills and get off my blog.

‘Pay your damn bills’


did anyone mention that there is different animators in this show