i know this is a touchy or private subject but…

i know this is a touchy or private subject but what are your thoughts on people saying you cheated on signe?

It’s the biggest rumour I’ve seen float around and it really sucks. The fact that people who watch me think that I could even be capable of doing that disappointed me. I’ve been wondering for a while if I should even say something about it or not because it usually leads to even more speculation spreading but I hate seeing such a shitty lie being spread around about me.

But to stop it spreading any further I’m going to say this once for clarity. I did not cheat on Signe and I have never cheated on anyone in my life. I’ve been cheated on in my early twenties and would never do that to someone else. I don’t know where it started but I’m ending the rumour now.

I know people want a juicy story and because you don’t have all the info it’s easy (and fun for some even) to speculate how anything went down. Nothing crazy happened between us, I just wasn’t happy anymore and it wasn’t fair on anyone involved. 

Please be respectful of the people involved when they talk about these things and their relationships. We’re still people at the end of the day and we see basically everything you write.We just choose to share what we feel like sharing at the time, you will never have the full story so starting rumours makes things SO much worse. 

I also don’t want to see people spamming tags about it after reading this message either trying to “defend” me or anything like that. What ends up happening is the defenders start attacking the accusers and this whole mess gets worse. Let’s leave it at this message and move on.